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Hackers on a Boat
Random Hacks of Kindness - PyEdition

Lets improve it! During the EuroPython 2014, a team of 50 Volunteers will spend 3h on the MS Stralau to fix and improve software.

We need your help, to compile a long and interesting list of tasks for the developers that will join us on the tour.

We are looking for (opensource) Python 2to3-ports, necessary Bugfixes, or much wanted feature requests for any Python projects out there.
Send your suggestions to - thanks!

If you don't have an idea for a task, then please share this post, so that others can submit their tasks.

If you're a conference guest, you can sign up for the tour at the info desk!

This event is powered by EuroPython2014 and organized by Hackerfleet.
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